What would make you leave everything you have ever known behind, and pack the most minimal things in a backpack, grab two of your children, and decide to make a dangerous trip in extreme conditions, across a border, to a country where you didn’t know the language, or the culture and where you didn’t have anyone?

In this episode Diana talks to Rosy Pablo Cruz and Julie Schwietert Collazo, the authors of The Book of Rosy, a mother’s story of separation at the border. 

The Book of Rosy shares the story of Rosayra (Rosy) Pablo Cruz, a mother from Guatemala who crossed the border in Mexico to the United State with her two sons. Rosy was detained in Eloy, Arizona and her children were sent to a foster home in New York City. In the book, you will learn about Rosy’s life in Guatemala and the factors that forced Rosy to decide to make the dangerous trek.

Julie Schwietert Collazo has been a guest on this podcast before, when she joined us to talk about the organization she created, Immigrant Families Together. Rosy is one of the moms that Julie helped reunite with her children, and that is what the book is about, Rosy’s journey and also how Julie played a role in Rosy’s story.

The Book of Rosy does a beautiful job of humanizing Rosy’s story, which shows you a glimpse of the factors that force parents to flee incredibly dangerous conditions to make it to the United States.

It also shows how anyone can make a difference: At first, Julie thought she would raise money to help one mom, and to date, IFT has raised over $1 million and has post bond for 120 families.




This is a critical time to be talking about family separation.

At the time of this recording, July 24th, 2020, children are still separated and ICE is doing everything it can to delay their release, including asking for an extension to an original release date of July 17th imposed by Judge Gee who determined that detention facilities were no safe during this global pandemic.

ICE is doing what it can to delay the children’s release, which was ordered by Judge Gee to happen on July 17th… ICE asked for an extension until July 27th. 


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