In Alabama, a majority of white women vote for Roy Moore, a man who was accused of improper sexual behavior. In Georgia, white women voted for Brian Kemp, who is an anti-choice candidate. Why are white women voting against their self-interests?

In this episode Diana talks to Jenna Arnold, the author of Raising Our Hands, How white women can stop avoiding hard conversations, start accepting responsibility and find our place on the new front lines about the white women vote, progressive white women, white motherhood, and what is at stake in the 2020 election. (spoiler alert: our democracy).

Jenna traveled all over the United States to talk to white women from all different backgrounds: across political spectrums, across socio-economic backgrounds, in rural, suburban, and urban settings, of all religious backgrounds and ages.

Listen to what Jenna has learned through her listening circles, why progressives are dangerous, and why we must leave our egos behind and come together to figure this out.


Jenna wants you to text all your friends the following message today:

“Hey friend it’s (YOUR NAME) -no this is not a bot! This is me just touching base to say hi, I’m thinking of you and I wanted to make sure even if you think you’re registered go to we are purging voter rolls and I just wanna make sure that day that your name is still on the list- love you!”


You can buy Raising Our Hands at your favorite independent bookstore!