Latinx moms for Climate Change is what we’re discussing in this episode with Natalie Carney, the Campaign Director of Vote Like a Madre, a movement that was created to mobilize Latinx moms to vote for candidates who believe that climate change is real, and that will support policies that will help save our environment.

Why Latinx Moms and Climate change?

According to research, Climate change is one of the top concerns for Latinos at the polls, and as you will listen to during our conversation, caring for the environment is part of our culture. We (Latinos) have been doing “rinsing, reducing, reusing, recycling” since before it was cool.

Not only has the Latinx community been concerned about climate change, but also, Brown and Black communities are affected by climate change at higher rates than other communities. Here are some stats that are important to know:

  • More than half (55%) of Latino-Americans live in three states (CA, TX, AZ) that are already experiencing serious effects related to climate change, like drought, record-breaking heat and flooding. Source

  • Nearly 1 in 2 Latinos in the U.S. live in counties that frequently violate pollution standards, exacerbating asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Source

Vote like a Madre wants you to know: 

  • If we don’t get climate change in check, it will have drastic effects on our children and their children after them, who might not be able to play outside, breathe clean air or connect with nature.

  • Voting for candidates with good climate policies is the number one way to secure a stable world for our kids and our communities.

  • A good climate plan acknowledges climate change is real and man made, holds big polluters accountable and protects the communities that bear the brunt of climate change’s consequences.

Latinx Madres for Climate Change

Vote Like a Madre is a movement supported by  Chispa, Poder Latinx, Alianza For Progress, and New Florida Majority. Check out the intro video with two Latinos who don’t need introduction, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez.