Happy life after inauguration! How are you feeling? Do you feel a little lighter? I realize what a momentous occasion this is … to be honest, when I saw Kamala Harris take the oath I was in tears.

So, I wanted to talk about all of this with a fellow activist, mom and woman of color who I have been wanting to invite on the podcast for a while –  and when you listen you’ll see why!

Nadia Hussain, a fierce activist, mother and Senior Campaign Director at MomsRising.

In our candid conversation, the day after Kamala Harris became our nation’s VP, we talked about why representation matters and what this historic win means for children- both white children and kids of color.




Nadia talks about having a baby when COVID exploded, why she decided to run for school board with an infant at home, canvassing while breastfeeding, joining the PTA and so much more!

We have a great conversation about her advocacy work, being one of the few parents of color in the room, why parents must raise their voices and why storytelling “saves lives and changes the world.”

Nadia has SO MUCH WISDOM to share, listen now!

Nadia is currently reading this awesome book: The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander. Check it out if you haven’t read it!

Nadia lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. You can follow her at @vivalanadia .