Hello hello, Diana here– I’ve been MIA and if you listen to this episode you’ll find out why!

We have spent quite some time talking about child care and that’s because– we are in a critical moment when we can make REAL change happen for families across the nation!


In this episode, Diana is talking to Nina Perez, the National Director of Early Childhood at MomsRising.org about why this is the moment to make a comprehensive, high-quality child care and pre-k system for families a reality.

Nina is an expert in child care advocacy and in this episode she discusses how we *almost* got to universal child care under the Nixon administration, what the current legislation looks like, why it is important that parents share their stories, and what parents can do to push elected officials to support policies that benefit children and families.

Listen to find out why child care is a public good.

Listen to find out why investing in child care makes sense for our families, communities and our society– and why the time to make child care a reality is now. 

Find out what parents can do to help #SolveChildcare NOW!

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