In this episode, recorded a day after the Uvalde mass shooting where elementary school children and teachers were murdered, Diana talks to Sarah Montoya, a joyful motherhood coach and mom in San Francisco.

We talk about parents against mass shootings, and why we must vote out those who don’t protect our families.

quote by Sarah Montoya

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We come together to process the awful reality that our children have become casualties in a world where elected leaders answer to the NRA and not to their constituents.

ANGRY! We are angry and to make a plea to parents to get involved, to hold elected leaders accountable.

USE YOUR VOTE! We are urging  you to vote out the ones that don’t support and protect families.

We discuss (again!) why parenting IS political, how politics affects every part of our children’s lives and why we must be engaged and pay attention to what elected leaders are doing-or not doing. And that includes– mass shootings.

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