What can we learn from the Abortion Rights fight in Latin America?

At a time when the USA has struck down Roe v. Wade and there are attacks on women’s reproductive freedoms, the opposite has been happening in Latin America.

In this episode, Diana talks to Paula Avila Guillén, the Executive Director of the Women’s Equality Center about the Abortion Rights Fight in Latin America and La Marea Verde– the Green Wave– that has arrived in the USA.

If you’re a man who has unprotected sex at some point in your life you’ve been affected by birth control and abortion. 

Paula Avila Guillén

Paula Avila Guillén is an attorney from Colombia, who resides in New York.

They discuss the abortion rights movement in Latin America and how it went from being a small movement to something much. bigger that people marched into the streets– and to the courts — and how they’re winning and guaranteeing that women have bodily autonomy — in some of the most traditionally Catholic countries in the world. The work abortion rights activists are doing in Latin America is great and Paula gives great insight on what we can learn from what they’ve accomplished.

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