Elisa Camahort Page is an entrepreneur, activist and most recently one of the co-authors of The Road Map for Revolutionaries Resistance Activism and Advocacy for All. If you’re an activist, or want to become involved in a cause near and dear to your heart, this book is a must-have! It is the Encyclopedia of activism!

In my conversation with Elisa I talk about what inspired her to write the book and what she learned while traveling all over the country and speaking to different people on her book tour.

Elisa shares tips on what you must do first in order to find that issue that you care about, and what steps you can take to start on the road to activism and resistance.

Elisa has a mantra, “innovation + Empathy > innovation + Efficiency” check out the podcast to see what she believes this means for Silicon Valley executives, the business world and you.



Becoming by Michelle Obama 

The Glass Ocean

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