In this episode Diana speaks to Tim Shriver, the Co-Founder of CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, the Chairman of the Special Olympics and the Co-Chairman of the Aspen Institue’s Commission on Social Emotional and Academic Development about social emotional learning and the Commission’s report, “From A Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope.” 


In this fascinating and candid discussion, Tim shares how being an educator  led him to be interested in the social and emotional aspects of education and ultimately to create the field we now know as social emotional learning, or SEL.

Tim is a father of five children, who are now adults. His experience in education and parenting provide deep insight in what our roles can be as parents in our children’s education and why relationships are pivotal for learning.

Tim also shares some marriage advice that is pure gold… so go listen to find out what it is!

Listen to Tim and Diana’s convo here:

The Report: From a Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope 

Tim discusses the Aspen Institute’s report #NationatHope and discusses why it was important to bring educators, scientists, young people, parents and policy makers together to create these recommendations that can be a starting off point for any community. Tim believes (and I agree!) that if teachers focus on the relationship building, on getting to know students, on the social and relationship skills this will lay a foundation where students can learn in a much better way.

Make sure to download the report on and share it with your school, PTA, leadership team and school board!

The Commission’s Report “Nation at Hope” provides recommendations for schools, school districts, teachers, community leaders based on clear evidence and research to nurture the whole child. I was lucky enough to be part of the Parent Advisory Panel on the Family Call to Action. You can learn more about the work and download the report here. 


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Make sure to check out the report now available! Read it, share it with your principals, school boards, DOE, parents! You can read it: Read the full report at: #Repost @danporterfield ・・・ Today, the @aspeninstitute and @aspensead released a major report on the future of American education with recommendations for the wholehearted pursuit of the social, emotional, and academic development of every child. What I love about this report is that it looks at the whole student and that its fundamental supposition is that our young people—the future of this country—are a collection of assets and talents and cultures and drives and resilience and aspirations and hope. That is to say, this report takes an asset-based approach to drawing out the greatness in our young people—and those assets include the students’ families, their emerging identities, their emotional makeup, and, in so many cases, the success strategies that the adults who love them use to bolster their confidence in a society that too often privileges wealth, power, and certain norms of gender or race or ability. Nothing could be more important for our society. We must give our children an ownership stake in this democracy. We must provide the kind of holistic education to and through college and career that propels young people into lives of meaning and purpose in the pursuit of a more perfect union. Read the full report at: #nationathope

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What Tim is reading:


Learn more about Tim Shriver’s work here and follow him on Instagram. 

You can learn more about CASEL’s work here. 


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