Have you ever wished someone would get up and give you their seat when you were pregnant? Or that you didn’t have to close up your stroller in the subway? or, that your local train stop had an elevator? Then you need to listen to this episode!

In this episode I speak to Christine Serdjinian Yearwood, the founder of Upstand, an organization that works to improve accessibility for pregnant women and families.

Upstand wants to improve life for mothers and families. Upstand has played a great role in advocating for changes for women and families, including advocating for better access in stores (providing ramps for their shops), advocating for elevators in subway stations, and advocating for breastfeeding mothers as well.

In this episode we discuss:

– the barriers that impede transportation improvements for pregnant women and families

– why NYC buses are not an better alternative to better accessibility on trains

– what Malaysia Goodson’s death means for accessibility

– what you can do in your community to advocate for better accessibility

… and more!


Listen to the episode here: 



Check out what Christine is reading:

The Mothers 

She’s Not There 


You can follow Christine and her work on Instagram and Twitter. 

Learn more about her work on Up-stand.com 


Check out the great resource Christine offers on her site => Upstand’s RESOURCES.


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